Mid server installation on Linux Red Hat 7

The Red Hat 7 was not tested by our Development team which doesn't mean that I can't work on this version. It means that any problem faced with a mid server running on RH7 will not be handled by the Customer Support. 


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The MID Server was tested on Linux Red Hat 6, Ubuntu 12, and CentOS 6. Linux MID Servers support virtual machines and 64-bit systems. On 64-bit Linux systems, you must install the 32-bit GNU C library (glibc). The installation command for CentOS is: yum install glibc.i686.


Running mid server command agent/bin/ install in RHEL creates a softlink in init.d to the file wherever it is located.
However RHEL uses systemd instead of sysvinit. Systemd only allows softlinks in init.d to point to the /(root) or /usr filesystems. 




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Last Updated:2019-03-11 05:22:07