When users create tabs with a foreign language selected, for example Dutch, by default the tabs are named "New Tab 1", "New Tab 2", and so on, both in English and Dutch. When a user renames a tab, still with Dutch as selected language, a translation seems to be created for "New Tab 3", rather than a specific name. When New Tab 3 is renamed, and after switching to English, the name is still "New Tab 3". Whilst if the renaming is done with English as selected language, it works just fine.


Steps to Reproduce


1 - Logon an instance as administrator.
2 - Change the user session language to Dutch.
3 - Navigate to Self Service > Dashboard .
4 - Create Dashboard 1.
5 - Create 3 tabs: New Tab, New Tab 2, New Tab 3.
6 - Create Dashboard 2.
7 - Create 3 tabs: New Tab, New Tab 2, New Tab 3.
8 - Go to Dashboard 1 and rename the second tab "New Tab 2" to "New Tab 2 Test 1".
9 - Go to Dashboard 2 and see the second tab renamed to "New Tab 2 Test 1".

Adding a new message record into the sys_ui_message table did not resolve the issue.



This is expected behaviour. To ensure that the tabs are not renamed, you need to create all tabs on dashboards using the English language before you can translate them into another language: 
1. Login as user with English language.
2. Create all the required tabs in English to populate pa_tabs. As an example, create a tab called 'TABX' on a certain dashboard. 
3. Switch to the wanted language.
4. Open the dashboard and rename the tab 'TABX' to 'Translated TABX' which creates the entry in sys_translated. 
This way the translated tab names will not be overwritten, as they have an English counterpart that you created in Step 2, and when you login as user with the translated language, a new entry will be created in sys_translated for the translated tab. 
Therefore it is always necessary to create new dashboards/tabs using a user with the English language. Once created, then the users can rename them without affecting other dashboards/tabs. 

Related Problem: PRB1074453

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