When adding an element to a particular table in the CMDB hierarchy and another element to a grandchild (or lower) of that table within the same update set, the storage aliases can be corrupted so that the elements are stored in the same column. This can cause functional problems and data loss.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Retrieve, preview, and commit the attached update set (t364460-1.xml).

    This will create two new elements: cmdb_ci_hardware.u_t364460_grandparent, and cmdb_ci_server.u_t364460_posterity.

  2. Go to sys_storage_alias.list for these elements and check the alias assignment.

    They should be assigned to different storage columns (e.g., "cmdb$par1.a_str_18"). The error is that they are assigned to the same storage column.


Create the elements one at a time, or manually delete one of the elements and re-create it to assign it to a new storage column.

Related Problem: PRB1296576

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Fixed In

Jakarta Patch 10
Kingston Patch 8
London Patch 1

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