Multiple choice type variables are not working as expected on the SC Order Guide widget on Service Portal. If the same variable set with multiple choice variable is added to more than one item in the order guide, only one selection can be made at a time. Selecting a choice in one item clears out the choice in all other items.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Create a Variable set "Type"
2. In the Variable Set, create a variable of type Multiple Choice.
3. In this variable, create two or three Question choices:

Text: Type A
Value: a

Text: Type B
Value: b

Text: Type C
Value: c

5. Navigate to the New Hire order guide .
6. Go to the Rule Bases tab.
7. Add this variable set to couple of different items under the "Include this Item" list (for example: Standard Laptop, Developer Laptop (Mac), etc.).
8. Navigate to Service Portal > Search for New Hire.
9. Fill out the form and click Next.
Under Choose Options, you should see the multiple choice variables on all items that you have added it on. However, it is only selected on one of the items.

If you click Type A, B or C in Developer Laptop (Mac), it will clear out the selection on the other items such as Standard Laptop.Clicking Type A, B or C in Standard Laptop will clear out the selection in Developer Laptop (Mac).

Expected Behavior:
In platform UI Service Catalog, Type A is selected on all items when you click Choose Options. This is the expected behavior.
Actual Behavior:
In Service Portal, Type A is selected only on one item, and when you select it on a different item, it clears out the previous selection in Choose Options.


Use Select Box variable instead of Multiple choice.

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