When a search is performed for catalog items the drop-down search results are not sorted alphabetically.


Drop-down search results for catalog items are not sorted alphabetically

This is expected platform behavior because the search results are based on a search of a calculated weight done by the Zing search engine within the platform. How this works can be understood in detail at:

Zing computes document scores using three components



The following example is based on OOB demo data for catalog items:

1) Navigate to Maintain Items module and do a "for text" search for "Plan"

2) Sort the result by Name <a-to-z> and see that items appear in alphabetically order

3) Navigate to Self-Service > Service Catalog module and search "Plan" on the search box located on top right

4) Notice that the results are not sorted in alphabetical order


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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:08:27