Sensor error on Linux storage processor when Fiber channel 'fcAdapter' field in ECC input record has model description field unavailable (blank) or it has no embedded spaces. The sensor is trying to split the string via regex into two parts based on first space character.


Error trace : 

Sensor error when processing Linux - Storage: TypeError: Cannot read property "1" from undefined    at sysscriptinclude.33235a2a37422100dcd445cbbebe5d22:727 (anonymous)    at sysscriptinclude.33235a2a37422100dcd445cbbebe5d22:76 (anonymous) at sysscriptinclude.a2db643047112100fc856f2ccee4900a:10 (anonymous) at sysscriptinclude.778011130a0a0b2500c4595ad1d1d768:156 (anonymous)    at sysscriptinclude.778011130a0a0b2500c4595ad1d1d768:111 (anonymous)    at sysscriptinclude.778011130a0a0b2500c4595ad1d1d768:86 (anonymous) at sysscriptinclude.778011130a0a0b2500c4595ad1d1d768:21 (anonymous) at sysscriptinclude.d22e7bdbc0a8016500a18e024bfc9aa3:4 (anonymous)  at discoverysensor.e1403b2ba9fe1561011ab6d7b5a2c338:1   at sysscriptinclude.78dfb2dd536002001f175f43911c087d:11 (anonymous) at systrigger.588d2b0cdb6776807a71f58dae961905:2 (sysscriptinclude.778011130a0a0b2500c4595ad1d1d768; line 30)

Steps to Reproduce

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Replace line 727 in script include DiscoveryLinuxStorageSensor : 
var manufacturer = ( matches !== null ? matches[1] : '' );
var manufacturer = matches ? matches[1] : '';
DiscoveryLinuxStorageSensor script include URL:


Related Problem: PRB667350

Seen In

Geneva Patch 0 Hot Fix 1
Geneva Patch 3 Hot Fix 2
Geneva Patch 6 Hot Fix 2
Geneva Patch 7
Helsinki Patch 4

Fixed In

Helsinki Patch 10

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