IIS Horizontal Discovery fails at step "get all apps below website" because of incorrect Websites filtering.

The workaround mentioned in this KB article is cosmetic to eliminate the failure of the pattern. 

Steps to Reproduce

  • Run discovery against a Windows server which hosts an IIS server.


  1. Navigate to IIS Discovery Pattern.
    • Navigation pane: Discovery Patterns > search for "IIS"
  2. Open Identification section <Identification for HTTP(S) entry point type(s) for IIS7 and above> 
  3. Change the precondition on the following 2 steps from Meet "Any" to Meet "All" as the pattern should not filtering the websites when in Horizontal mode - only top-down (service mapping) mode.
    • Step 15 > "Filter by hostname"
    • Step 16 > "Filter by hostname 2"
  4. Click "Publish" to publish the pattern.
Note: these changes are cosmetic, remember that modifying the pattern will lead to it being skipped it when upgrading the instance. After the upgrade to a fixed version, check the skipped changes from the upgrade history and revert the IIS pattern to the out of box version. 


Related Problem: PRB1162573

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