When the connect.roles property is configured for certain roles then only those roles should be able to utilize connect. However, the "Send a direct message" button still appears under user profiles/avatars who are restricted from using connect.

Steps to Reproduce

1) Make sure that Connect Support plugin is activated and that User Presence is in use

2) Navigate to the system property "connect.roles" and set the value to admin

3) Log in as an admin and open any existing incident record

4) On another browser log in as a non-admin and open the same incident record as above

5) As the non-admin user click on the admin user profile/avatar on top of the form header
-->No "Send a direct message" button. This is fine.

6) As the admin user click on the non-admin user profile/avatar on top of the form header
-->There is the "Send a direct message" button which the admin can click and initiate a peer to peer chat with the non-admin who is not supposed to use connect in any way. The admin will try to chat with the non-admin who has no way to reply back due to the connect.roles property. This creates confusions.


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Related Problem: PRB1296923

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