In Service Portal, users are unable to accept or reject approval records. The users may be able to do one successfully, but not the other, or they may not be able to do either.




New to the Kingston release, Service Portal leverages the OOB "Mobile UI Actions" for "Approve" and "Reject" for the approval process. The cause of this issue comes when customers change these OOB Mobile UI Actions. This issue does not occur in previous versions because the way the Approval widget worked was different.


  1. In an OOB instance on the same version as the affected instance, export the XML for the appropriate Mobile UI Action dependent upon whether you are having issues with approvals or rejections.
  2. In the affected instance, create a new Mobile UI Action and move your customizations to this new Mobile UI Action, so that the record has a different sys_id.
  3. Import the OOB Mobile UI Action into the affected instance

Additional Information

If you do not have an OOB instance available with the OOB Mobile UI Action, please open a ticket in HI and reference this article.

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Last Updated:2019-05-21 11:43:18