Adding a widget "Ticket Attachment " on a page in Portal throws an error in the Platform and also in the designer Preview.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Go to any kingston patch 3 instance.
2. Go to SP designer$
3. Create a new Page example test1234
4. Configure the widget "Ticket attachment" in the page test1234.
5. Now go back to the URL
You will see a bunch of failing widget errors.

Do the same steps on Jakarta and you will not see the error.

We understand that the error make sense as there is no table on the form test1234 and once we configure a table the error is gone.

However this should fail gracefully and not anywhere in the platform.


This issue has been fixed. Please refer to the "Fixed In" section of the article to see the versions where the issue has been fixed.

Related Problem: PRB1275119

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