Resource Block newly added custom Input Parameters are not showing on 'existing' blueprints operation inputs which prevent the catalog properties generation for them. 


Steps to Reproduce

1. Select the Virtual Server resource block and set it to Draft. 
2. Click the Operations tab and select the Provision operation. 
3. Click the + to add a new parameter and assign it a name, set datasource to Text, and check the Visibility box. 
4. Set the Resource Block to Published 
5. Select a Blueprint that uses the modified cloud resource block. 
6. View the form associated to the Provision operation for the blueprint and click "Generate Entities". 
7. No new catalog properties are generated for the new parameters. 


  1. Removing and re-adding the resource block to the blueprint. 
  2. Adding the catalog properties manually. 
Please be aware that the cloud Resource Block re-add action to the Blueprint removes all existing catalog properties and you will need to run 'generate entities' action which will successfully create the catalog properties for all inputs including the newly added custom ones

Related Problem: PRB1247369

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Kingston Patch 8

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