Software Discovery models that are created have the normalization status field empty and greyed out although we have the SAMP(Software Asset Management Premium) 


The Business Rule "Create a Software Normalization" on the cmdb_sam_sw_install creates the models with normalization status as new. This file may have been modified/customized or an older version of the file may be present as an OOB file.  This older file does not set the Normalization Status to "New".


  1. Revert the "Create a Software Normalization" business rule to out of box.  (This will only address the new models that is found from Discovery)
  2. Go to the Discovery Model table and open a model 
    3. Right click on "Normalization Status", and click on Configure dictionary.
    4. Remove the read only check box and save
    5. Change the normalization status field to "new"
    6. Kick off the "Discovery Model Normalization" schedule job.
    ## At this point the Model should have been normalized for that one model.  To run normalization on all the discovery model.

    1. Create a fix script to mark all Discovery model normalization status to NEW, or Delete all the Discovery Model.
    2. Run Discovery Model Normalization schedule
    3. Set Normalization Status field back to read only once done.


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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:08:42