On the story form, when trying to set the assignment group, not all Agile groups are available.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create an Agile assignment group that is of multiple types - for example, set the type field on the group ITIL and Agile team
  2. Open any story
  3. Click the search icon in the assignment group field

The above assignment group does not show up in the list. However, if the assignment group is of type only Agile team, then the group can be set to the story as expected.


Navigate to the script include Agile2SecurityManager

In the method getStoryDotGroup, change the following line 

     agileTeam.addQuery('type', 'LIKE', '1bff3b1493030200ea933007f67ffb6d');


     agileTeam.addQuery('type', 'CONTAINS', '1bff3b1493030200ea933007f67ffb6d');

Related Problem: PRB1290297

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Fixed In

Jakarta Patch 10
Kingston Patch 8

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