Ordering of Projects within Program Workbench. OOB, it does not appear that the projects within a Timeline in the Program Workbench are sortable. The below steps illustrate that the particular columns/fields need to have a 'Sortable' field checked to true in order for them to be sortable within Program Workbench.


  1. Navigation to: Project Administration > Settings > Planning Console 
  2. Select 'Program' entity 
  3. In 'Planning Console Display Columns' tab, add the 'Sortable' column (to the list) (You may also select any field and add the 'Sortable' field to the actual form 
  4. For any field/column you wish to be sortable, make Sortable= true 
  5. Once toggled, reload your Program Workbench 
  6. Making sure you have added the field/column to the Timeline, click on the column header and you will toggle sort


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Last Updated:2020-07-17 06:44:11