Trend and Column reports will duplicate results if the result set includes records where the "Grouped By" selection is a related field with an identical name, and the different records are appearing in more than one  "Trend By" allocation.

For example, if using the out of the box demo data, and creating a Trend or Column report which groups by "Metric Definition" and trends by: "Created" per month, June / 2015 will show the same set of 84 metric results that are named "(empty)", a total of 7 times, 6 of which are duplicate. All of those duplicates drill down to the same set of records when selected.


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a new Trend or Column report with the table asmt_metric_result.

  2. Configure the report with the following values: 

    • Grouped by: Metric Definition
    • Trend by: Created
    • Per: Month
    • Aggregation: Count

    Note the duplicated values in the columns and in the legend as well. If you click on duplicate elements, they point to the same list.



Group by the related record's display name field instead of the parent field.

For example, for the setup in the Steps to reproduce, instead of "Grouped by: Metric Definition", you would use "Grouped By: Metric Definition=>Display".

Related Problem: PRB1280460

Seen In

Kingston Patch 3

Fixed In

Kingston Patch 12
London Patch 4

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