How to Extend current lifecycles to have other customer Sources


When there are multiple publisher sources we only pick the data of that source that has the least sequence in the choice list of entries of the source. In this case, we have following entries for source choice field - 

Of these Internal has least sequence number i.e 0. Hence while displaying the timeline of Microsoft DHCP 6 we look for those publisher phases belonging to a source with the least sequence which is Internal in this case. Since there are no such phases no timeline is displayed.

If you want the data of ServiceNow to be displayed always for all software models, set the sequence of ServiceNow entry in choices to least value.

Question: Does the Technologies Lifecycles Gantt chart only show one source for all software models? 
A: Yes Technology Lifecycles Gantt chart shows data from only one publisher source for all software models if there are more publisher sources. (Eg: lifecycleType= Publisher , source = ServiceNow). The source to pick is decided by the sequence number of source choice list values.
In London release also we still show only one publisher data, however, there is a slight change in considering the publisher source. Suppose source choice list has values - 1. ServiceNow 2. testAG. For a software model SM, we first look if lifecycle data exists for ServiceNow source(as it has least sequence). If no data exists then we look for next source sequence i.e testAG.

Question: Can we still see two lifecycles if the lifecycle type is different? i.e. 1 internal and 1 publisher? 
A: We consider both internal (lifecycle type = internal) and one publisher (lifecycle type = publisher) data. We collate the internal and publisher phases data to show a single lifecycle timeline. Here the risk of internal phase overrides risk of external phase if any. This risk determines the line color of the timeline. Currently, for a software model, only one lifecycle timeline is displayed in the Gantt chart.

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Kingston Patch 6 and London


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