The list view of the kb articles is controlled by the property called: glide.knowman.view_age.days. The property can be reach here:,Knowledge%2520View,Knowledge%2520Search,Knowledge%2520Homepage,Knowledge%2520Other,Article%2520Versioning,KM%2520Subscription,Article%2520Quality%2520Index%2520Properties,Article%2520Quality%2520Index%2520Properties,Knowledge%2520External%2520Integration%2520Propertie 

And it is described as: 

"Number of days (integer, default 30) used when summing article views. Views older than this are not considered when sorting articles based on view count. 0 means consider all views." 

The count on the list view is also controlled by the daily scheduled job, Count Knowledge Use: 


As can be seen, the very first line of the script, the variable is being set to the glide.knowman.view_age.days property (therefore, its controlled by the 30 days default): 

var days = gs.getProperty("glide.knowman.view_age.days", "30"); 

This is the property used to "see" the KB article on the list views, as it is specified: "Views older than this are not considered when sorting articles based on view count", this would be the reason for the view discrepancy (against the kb_use table). If you wish to change this behavior, you can change the value to 0, as: " 0 means consider all views" (and the views will start adding up and not topping after 30 days). 

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