When creating reports on tables that are under the Human Resources Core Scope, no ACLs can pass when attempting to drill down into these reports. The sys_report_drill read ACL is missing from the HR Core Scope,which means users are unable to view drill-downs of these reports on that scope. 

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Ensure that the Human Resources Scoped App: Core [com.sn_hr_core] plugin enabled.

  2. Impersonate admin.

  3. Create a report under the HR Core Scope with a list drilldown on sn_hr_core_case table.

  4. Save the report.

  5. Impersonate a user who has access to the HR Core scope.

  6. Attempt to the view the newly created report drilldown.

    The message "Report visible only to a specific user or group" is displayed.




Create the missing sys_report read ACL.

  1. Switch to the Human Resources: Core application.

  2. In the filter navigator, type sys_security_acl.do.

  3. In the new Access Control record, set the following values:

    Type: record 
    Operation: read 
    Admin overrides: ticked 
    Name: Report Drilldown (sys_report_drill) 
    Active: checked
    Application: Human Resources: Core 

  4. Click Update.


Related Problem: PRB1295480

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There is no data to report.

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