This explains the Orchestration mid server selection procedure.


Orchestration mid server selection happens based on multiple factors like application, IP ranges, capabilities, operational state, validated or not. Below are the steps to determine mid server selection for orchestration activities. At each stage, mid servers that won't satisfy the condition would be filtered out. At the end, a random mid server or a default mid server would be selected.

  1. Validated Mid Servers --> This process start with all the mid servers that are validated.
  2. Orchestration application  --> This list would be further filter down based on "Orchestration" application or ALL application.
  3. IP Ranges --> Then IP ranges be checked to for this destination IP.
  4. Capability --> Based on the orchestration activity capability ( SSH, PowerShell, WMI, etc..), all the mid servers would be filtered further.
  5. At this stage, there may be multiple mid servers or none. If we have multiple, this list would be further filtered based on the below priority order.
    1. Up, Degraded, down. Each priority order be checked for all the mid servers. If any priority order finds a mid server, further priority oder check would be skipped.
    2. To this mid server list, default mid server would also be added to check the operation status. As soon as we find mid servers, a random mid server will be selected for further activities.
    3. If no mid server is identified, orchestration uses the default mid server.




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