When creating a timecard, if the task found in the timecard does not match the task in the resource plan, this will not have its actual hours updated.


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Navigate to an allocated Resource Plan.
  2. Right clicking on the top grey toolbar and add the Time Card related list by selecting Configure > Related Lists and adding Timecards to the Available section
  3. Create a time card for a user allocated for the resource plan. In the task field of the time card use a task which is not the same in the resource plan record.
  4. Add 3 hours in the timecard for any day.
  5. Submit and process the time card.
    Observe the actual hours do not increase of 3h on the resource plan, unless the task fields match between resource plan and time card.


Please review the Fixed In section to determine the available patch where your instance can be upgraded. No workaround is available on earlier instances.


Related Problem: PRB1281701

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Fixed In

Kingston Patch 8

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