On a Jakarta to KP2 upgrade, unable to map variables from an HR task to an order guide request (Employee Onboarding).

Steps to Reproduce


1. Create an HR Task template with the following values:

  • Table:sn_hr_core_task
  • Short description:This is a test for ORDER GUIDE field mapping
  • HR Task Type:Submit Order Guide
  • State:Work in Progress
  • Order Guide:Employee Onboarding
  • Link template tab > Link element:Parent

2. Create a Lifecycle Activity with the following values:

  • Activity type:Employee
  • HR task template: (the one you created)
  • Owning group:HR
  • Activity set:Pre-hire

3. Create two Activity Field Mappings for this Activity:

  • Map from table:sn_hr_le_case, Map from field:Department, Map to variable:Department
  • Map from table:sn_hr_le_case, Map from field:HR profile Position, Map to variable:Position

Note that you cannot able to map Department and Position variable ito field list.



  1. Go to the Dictionary entry for the field 'map_to_variable' in table Activity Field Mapping [sn_hr_le_activity_field_mapping].
  2. Change the reference qualifier to javascript:new sn_hr_le.hr_ActivitySet().getCatalogReference(current);
  3. Save the form.

Related Problem: PRB1250355

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Kingston Patch 4

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