If a customer installs the plugin "Appointment Booking" before the "Service Management Core", the 'sm_order' and 'sm_task' tables are created with the incorrect schema. The "Service Management Core" plugin extends the tables from 'task' and in a "Global" application scope, which in turn allows other plugins (such as the "Facilities Service Management " plugin) install their tables with the correct schema.

However, the "Appointment Booking" installs the two tables as stand-alone tables in its own application scope.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Start with an instance that does not have either the Service Management Core or Appointment Booking plugins installed.
  2. Install the Appointment Booking plugin (com.snc.appointment_booking)
  3. Install the Service Management Core plugin (com.snc.service_management.core)
  4. Install the Facilities Service Management plugin (com.snc.facilities_service_automation)

Tables created with the Facilities Service Management plugin are created without fields provided by 'task'. You will also see that 'sm_order' and 'sm_task' do not extend 'task', and are in the "Appontment Booking Application" scope.


no workaround exists, upgrade to a version where fix is available

Related Problem: PRB1282047

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Fixed In

Kingston Patch 7

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