When users go to the My Current Time (card or sheet) and the local time is after 7 pm EST, the UTC time is calculated to the next day, so the "week starts on" does not obey the users timezone, not showing all timecards expected for the same week.


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Login a pre-Kingston instance as administrator.
  2. Set user Beth Anglin in EST timezone and assign her the roles timecard_user and timecard_admin.
  3. Log in as Beth Anglin and create a timecard.
  4. Go back as admin and change the system property 'com.snc.time_card.start_day' to the next day, for example to friday, if you are testing this problem on a thursday.
  5. Log in as Beth Anglin again after 7pm EST (because that is when UTC goes to next day).
  6. Go to the current timesheet.

    You will not see the timecard that you created earlier in step 3. This is due to the "week starts on" gone to the next day, as it is picking UTC, and it does not take the timezone into consideration. The Business Rule 'Update time card' on the Time Worked [task_time_worked] table uses the field sys_created_on, stored in UTC time format, to determine the weeks start on a Time Card.


This issue was fixed in Kingston, no workaround is applicable on earlier versions.

Related Problem: PRB962990

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