The Run Test button in the Pick a Browser modal opens a client test runner without setting sysparm_nostack=true. This can cause another client test runner to be loaded in the iFrame, which is a problem because it sometimes throws a JavaScript error as it is being unloaded.


Steps to Reproduce

1. Create a test.
2. Create an 'Open a new form' step on the 'sc_task' table.
3. Create a 'Click a UI Action' step for the 'Submit' UI action
4. Create another 'Open a new form' step on the 'sc_task' table.
5. Make sure there are no client test runners open.
6. Click the Run Test button, and in the 'Pick a Browser' modal, make sure 'Start a new test runner' radio button is selected. Click Run Test.

Observe after step 2, another Client Test Runner appears in the iFrame, and the test fails with a JavaScript error.


Before running the test, open a new client test runner using the Client Test Runner module.

Related Problem: PRB1272093

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