When the Timecard plugin is activated, updates to the sys_user throws the error "TimeCardApproverChangeService is not defined".


Steps to Reproduce


  1. On a fresh instance with no Project Management plugins active, activate the Time Card Management plugin.
  2. Go to the user records and select any user.
  3. Add the manager field to the form.
  4. Change the manager.
  5. Save the record.

An error appears in the node log file browser or in System logWarning:

WARNING *** WARNING *** Evaluator: org.mozilla.javascript.EcmaError: "TimeCardApproverChangeService" is not defined.


No workaround is available. Please review the Fixed In section to determine the available patch where your instance can be upgraded.


Related Problem: PRB1250304

Seen In

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Fixed In

Jakarta Patch 9
Kingston Patch 3

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