A pasted document or Events content URL directly in the browser without login causes a blank page displayed without redirecting to the login page.
This is working fine for Question, Blog and Video content types.
Note: Content read permission is not given for public users
Ref.: /community?id=community_event&sys_id=1dad1869137732009e393d7ed144b027

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Login to community and open Events or Documents content page URL.
  2. Logout and directly paste in browser and click enter.
  3. The user should be taken to login page/popup to enter the details, but a blank page is displayed.


  1. Install the com.sn_communities plugin. [Ref.: Activate a plugin]

  2. Go to <instance> Observe the console errors and errors in the screen (PFA).



This problem was fixed in Kingston.

On earlier releases the workaround was to change the "if" condition on line 311 of the script include CommunityProfileImpl to: userObj.sys_id.

The check returns then "false" rather than breaking when trying to call a method on a nonexistent object.


Related Problem: PRB1082947

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