On some instances, you might see a help icon (?) to the right of the label for an HTML field.

On another instance, you might see no help icon:

The help icon is displayed when accessibility features are enabled.


Here's how you can enable accessibility features to display the help icon.
1. Go to User Administration > User Preferences.
If you want to enable accessibility features for all users:
2. Search for the glide.ui.accessibility preference where the User field is empty.
3. Change the Value field to true.
If you want to enable accessibility features for just one or a few users:
4. Click New.
5. Leave the fields as is except for these fields:
Name: glide.ui.accessibility
User: select a user
Value: true
Click Submit.
6. Repeat steps 4-5 for any other user who you want to enable accessibility features for.
A user will need to log out/log back into the instance for the new user preference to take effect.

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All versions.


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