Homepage reports fail to load with error -  "Widget cancelled - Maximum execution time exceeded"


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The issue happens because of slow loading reports. This is caused by slow queries being fired to bring data to build the reports. On most occasions this can further be attributed to the Group by added to the reports. It is recommended to avoid using Group by on reports on Homepages, specially for reports which would have higher than 8 groups. This is because after the data is queried from the database, there are additional queries that need to be done to group the data for each group and hence for higher number of queries, the queries can take a really long time to complete and thus result in the error, 'Widget cancelled - Maximum execution time exceeded'.


The first step to resolve the issue would be to narrow down the data being queried. In most cases, this can be done by adding an Active = true condition for the report, like when creating a report like My Active incidents or My team's Active incidents and so on.

There could be certain cases where the Active = true condition cannot be added like when you want to create a report for All closed incidents since a particular date. For these cases, if there is a Group By on a field like Assigned to or Assignment Group, this could cause the report to have a high number of groups. The best way to resolve an issue in these cases would be as below:  

Create two reports: 

a) A Pie Chart that just shows the data in the groups. This will run faster. 
(refer the image below for an example)
b) A drill down report that shows the list report for a specific user/group if the report viewer clicks on one of the pieces of the pie. This will run fast. 
This way you can have multiple levels of drill-down reports and replace them with the existing list reports with the group by conditions slowing down the report loading on load of the homepages. Additionally, this would provide a much better representation of the data that the list report.

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