This KB details information around why the updated field on a record can be different from what is seen in the audit history.



User observes that the updated time on a record is different from what the audit history of the record displays

Additional Information

Users may have noticed in some cases that a records 'Updated' (sys_updated_on) date/time is slightly different (usually a few seconds) than its Audit records 'Update time' (update_time).  This is because the 'Updated' field is the date/time of the beginning of the transaction (when the Save/Update button is clicked) and the Audits 'Update time' is when the transaction completes.  In most cases transactions complete within the same second so there usually is not a discrepancy. However in some cases, there maybe many business rules that can take an extra couple seconds to complete so a user might see a difference in time between the updated field and what the audit history shows.  This behavior is by design.

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Last Updated:2018-08-03 02:03:22