Duplicate switch and router records being created when discovery schedule is running.


Any release


  1. The reclassification of the CI (CI class is getting toggled between a router and a switch)
  2. This causes a situation where the Identification Reconciliation Engine receives two payloads from discovery at the same time with same name for IP Switch and IP Router. 
  3. During reclassification, it first deletes the existing record and inserts a new one with the same sys id.
  4. If there is a second payload that comes between the delete and insert it won't able to match on name, resulting in creating a duplicate.


  1. Usually there is mis-classification between router and switch CI's when the sys object OID is not received in the SNMP - Classify probe payload.
  2. Based on the other OIDs that are received, the CI could be wrongly classified.
  3. To stop the mis-classification, add the following classification criteria under "Standard Network Switch" and "Standard Network Router" classification: "sysoid" does not equal empty value


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Last Updated:2019-05-21 11:42:45