Global text search does not work for dot walked fields. The search results display the sys_IDs instead of linking to the extended records.


Steps to Reproduce


1. Go to incident.list
2. Configure the list layout for text_search view.
3. Add thesfollowing fields:
Number, Assigned_to, Problem.short_description
4. Note the 3rd field is a dot-walked field.
5. Perform a global search for a word from problem.short_description such as 'email'.
Note that sys_IDs are displayed.


This is expected behaviour, dot-walked content in reference fields is not indexed in the parent record. Creating a text_search view will not help for dot-walked fields in search results.
See also the related article PRB948133/KB0693285 Fields defined on customized table lists do not appear in Global Text Search results.

Related Problem: PRB1183421

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