When sending an SSH command to a network device such as Cisco ACE load balancer and getting a response which is longer than 800 rows.  the system will wait 1 minutes and then abort the operation. This affects the horizontal discovery of Cisco ACE load balancers, and on Service mapping when discovering Cisco ACE, F5 load balancers.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Set up a MID Server that can discover a network device such as a Cisco ACE load balancer.

  2. Set the system property to 100. (The default is 800.)

  3. Run the command show service-policy detail.

    This command makes the device respond with a --more-- line after each 100 rows, which is breaking the SSH provider if you are trying to detect the prompt after each command.




  1. Add the property in System Properties.

    For more information, see the product documentation topic Add a system property.

  2. Set its value to changeto\s+[^\s]+.



Related Problem: PRB1237774

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Fixed In

Jakarta Patch 10
Kingston Patch 8

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