When the Description field contains certain bidirectional text control characters, when a user is using Internet Explorer on Windows 10 and they click in the Description, the tab will crash and restart.

Steps to Reproduce

1. If the Description field is not displayed on the incident form, Default view, add it through Configure > Form Layout.
2. Import the attached incident record, which contains the bidirectional text control character as the last character in the Description field.
3. Using Windows 10 and IE11, open the record INC0000058.
4. Click in the Description field.

Expected behavior: Nothing should happen when you click in the field.

Actual behavior: The IE tab crashes and restarts due to the special character.

If you use a different browser, this doesn't happen. If you copy the Description value using a non-IE browser and paste it into vi or VIM, you should be able to see the special characters:

In the example incident, vi shows the problem special character <202c>

Location: Top Folder <200e>> Reports <200e>> Customer Reports


  1. Using a browser other than Internet Explorer, open the affected record.
  2. Select the entire value of the Description field and copy.
  3. Open an editor such as vi or vim or some other editor that displays special characters and paste the Description value.
  4. Look for any special characters. In this example, the special character was <202c>
  5. Take note of where these special characters are located.
  6. On the incident record, delete the white space where the special characters are located. You can add back empty white space to separate words.
  7. Save the record.

After these steps, the Description field should be clickable by users using Internet Explorer on Windows 10 without the browser tab crashing/restarting.

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