The default SLA workflow is not getting completed when the scheduled duration breach falls outside the business duration by few seconds.


Steps to Reproduce


1. Create a SLA definition on the incident table with Default SLA workflow and attach the provided schedule to this SLA.
2. Create an incident based on the condition in the SLA definition before the schedule.
3. Check whether the SLA is getting attached to the SLA or not.
4. Allow the task SLA to breach.
5. Notice the update time is set as 08/05/17 23:00:04, 4 seconds after the US business hours, causing the workflow to wait for the next business day to complete processing.



This problem is fixed in Kingston. The workaround on earlier releases is to modify the activity definition "SLA Percentage Timer" adding the below modification.

at line 107 change from:

var timerStartTime =, now); 

var nowTime =, now);
var timerStartTime = new GlideDateTime(nowTime.getValue());


Related Problem: PRB966865

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