No option available to set Checklist name when Checklist items are created from checklist formatter.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Open any incident.

  2. Choose Configure form layout, add Checklist, and then save.

    The option to add checklist items on the incident form is now available.

  3. Click on Create New under Checklist to add new checklist items.

  4. Add a couple of Checklist items.

  5. Navigate to checklist.list.

    Actual behavior: Note that there is no Name set for the created Checklist created and it is empty.
    Expected behavior: There should be option provided to end user to add the Checklist name under which the checklist items are created.

  6. Go back to the same incident.

  7. From the Checklist drop-down list, select Save as Template.

  8. Provide a Name for the template and Save.

  9. Navigate to checklist_template.list.

    The "name" field for the name that should be set for the checklist once this template is applied is empty.




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