Service Portal displays an incorrect value for the variable types Date and Date/Time when their default value is set to "gs.nowDateTime()" or any other specific date value in any other format (eg: 12/05/2017 or 12-05-2017 ) and the date format is set to "dd-MM-yyyy".

- this issue is only observable when the specified date format is set
- the issue is for default values and not gs.nowDateTime as it is still reproducible when passing a date value
- works as expected in the instance, the issue only on service portal.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Login to Istanbul
2. Impersonate user: System Administrator
3. Go to: Service Catalog > Maintain Items > Open any record
4. Under variables define two variables:
    - A date and a date/time variable
    - Give them the order value of 100 and 200 respectively
    - Provide a default value for both of them (gs.nowDateTime() or any specific date value)
5. Go to Profile from the instance header
6. Change Date format to "dd-MM-yyyy"
7. Open the item on the instance
8. Observe the value will be the current date if gs.nowDateTime() was used else it will have the date value provided
9. Open the same item on the Service Portal

Expected Beahviour
Should be the current date if the gs.nowDateTime() was used or the specified date value in the default value field on the variable.

Observed Behaviour
The value in the field is not correct.


There is no workaround present for this issue and as per the comments from the developers the issue is no longer occurring in the London version of the platform.

Related Problem: PRB966509

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