When viewing a record on an iPad device using Safari, the right portion of the content frame is not displayed and users can not swipe right to see it.

Rotating the iPad, either from portrait to landscape or vice versa, seems to allow users to swipe right.


Steps to Reproduce

1. From an iPad, log in as administrator.
2. Open any incident, change request, or problem record.
3. Notice the width of the content frame is not adjusted to fit fully on the viewable area, like for example in Android tablets, and is not possible to swipe right to show the content to the right of the viewable area.
4. Rotate the device from portrait to landscape, or vice versa.
5. Notice it is now possible to swipe right, but this is cumbersome to have to do every time to view a record.


As a workaround, an administrator can reduce the number of columns displayed in the Related Lists for the form. The acceptable number of columns depends on the length of the column names, but typically 4 to 5 columns should help avoid this issue:

  1. Navigate to the affected form.
  2. Right click the List header of the affected Related List(s)
  3. Configure > List Layout
  4. Reduce the number of fields in the right side of the slushbucket to approximately 5
  5. Save


Related Problem: PRB1283212

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