Knowledge articles created using article templates are not displayed correctly in portal

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Login to a kingston instance and make sure that the plugin is com.snc.knowledge_advanced is installed .
    2. Go to Knowledge > article templates and make the template How to active (set the active field to true)
    3. restart the session : Logout/login again
    4. Go to Knowledge > Create new .
    5. You will be redirected to the article template selector , select the How to template .
    6. Fill in Knowledge Base , short description , introduction and instructions and submit and publish the article .
    7. Open the Knowledge article and click on try article to view it in the platform
       - The report is displayed correctly
    8. Get the sys if of the created article and view the record in portal :/sp?id=kb_article&sys_id=
    Expected : The article should be displayed correctly .
    Actual : The kb article content is not displayed : custom fields like introduction and instructions are not considered


Service Portal's core offering does not support kb_template_* extension tables. This is a new functionality which is added to the Knowledge Management Service Portal plugin.

"Widgets and functionality in the "Knowledge Management Service Portal" plugin support the new fields introduced with the com.snc.knowledge_advanced plugin.After activating "Knowledge Management Service Portal", the /kb portal will have the new functionality." 

However there is a workaround which is working for the service portal without activating the advanced plugin.

1. Replace the below block in "KB artilce page widget" Server script :

if (articleGR.getValue('article_type') == 'wiki')
t.text = GlideWikiModel().render(articleGR.getValue('wiki'));
t.text = articleGR.getValue('text');

with some additional condition to consider articles created using templates:

if(articleGR.sys_class_name === 'kb_knowledge'){ // is not a template
if (articleGR.getValue('article_type') == 'wiki')
t.text = GlideWikiModel().render(articleGR.getValue('wiki'));
t.text = articleGR.getValue('text');
else { // is a template
var templateGR = new GlideRecord('kb_article_template');
templateGR.addQuery('child_table', articleGR.sys_class_name);
var viewModelContext = {
isVersioningInstalled: function(){ return true; },
articleTemplateName: templateGR.getDisplayValue('article_template'),
knowledgeRecord: {
sys_id: articleGR.getDisplayValue('sys_id'),
sys_class_name: String(articleGR.sys_class_name)

var kbViewModel = new KBViewModel();
t.text =
else {
t.text = '';


Related Problem: PRB1268347

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