Build information:
Kingston and previous

Issue Description:
A Connect Support agent is able to double or otherwise multi-click the Accept button on a queue, which often results in the following error message appearing on screen:

The queue is currently empty

Business Impact:
This causes confusion to the agent. They are unsure if they accepted the correct conversation(s).

- Agent notices an entry in their support queue.
- They try to select Accept, and multiple clicks are registered.

If relevant, attach files for clarity like a specific example file, screenshots, or compressed log files:
Attaching screenshot for reference.

Steps to Reproduce

Connect Support with demo data should be active.

1. Impersonate an agent in one session (ex: Beth Anglin)
2. Impersonate an end user (ex: Abel Tuter) in a second session/incognito window
3. As Abel, navigate to the support link (OOB: $
4. Enter a question.
5. As Beth, ensure the Connect panel is open.
6. Double or multi-click the Accept Button.

Expected behavior:
Accept the new entry.

Actual behavior
Notice the error message on screen.


>After carefully considering the severity and frequency of the issue, and risk of attempting a fix, it has been decided to not address this issue in any current or future releases. We do not make this decision lightly, and we apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any questions regarding this problem, contact ServiceNow Customer Support.

Related Problem: PRB1257676

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