When Choice list for New Call Contact Type is set to Dropdown with --None--, selecting --None-- as the Contact Type on a New Call record is not honored when it's submitted.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Activate the Service Desk Call plugin.
2. Open the dictionary record for new_call.contact_type
3. Change the Choice from "Dropdown without --None --" to "Dropdown with -- None --" and save the change.
4. In the AppNav, click the New Call module to start a New Call record.
5. Set the Call type field to Incident.
6. Change Contact Type from the default of Phone to --None--.
7. Click Submit.
8. Open the incident record that was created.

Instead of the Contact Type on the incident record being --None— because that was the Contact Type selected on the New Call record before submitting it, on the incident record, the Contact Type is Phone.


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Related Problem: PRB1292458

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