In the TinyMCE HTML editor, indented bulleted or numbered list items when included in selected text don't change font size appropriately after the first font size change.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Create a new kb_knowledge record.
2. In the Text field, enter "test" five times on five separate lines.
3. Select all and click either the bulleted or numbered list icon in the TinyMCE toolbar.
4. Put the cursor in front of the middle item and press Tab to create an indented list item.
5. Select all again and from the Font Sizes menu, select a larger font.
6. With all text still selected, select a smaller font.

Instead of changing the size of all text, the indented item lags by one font change. Repeatedly changing the font size causes changes to the font size previously selected but not to the font size just selected.


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Related Problem: PRB1294184

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