When a user is assigned the role 'delegated_developer' and tries to open a record or create a report on existing records, a red InfoMessage error is displayed at the top of the page:

"Invalid attempt to access [table_name]".

The tables where the issue has been observed can be for example [sys_report], or [alm_hardware].


Steps to Reproduce


  1.  Create a new user or find a non-admin user.
  2.  Give the user 'itil' and 'delegated_developer' roles.
  3.  Impersonate the user.
  4.  Navigate to Reports > Create New
  5.  Observe the error message: "Invalid attempt to access sys_report"


This error is not blocking, the user can still proceed opening or creating the report as needed, despite the message. As a workaround, remove the 'delegated_developer' role from the impacted user.

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Related Problem: PRB1179433

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There is no data to report.

Fixed In

Madrid Patch 1
New York

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There is no data to report.

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