Prior to upgrading, users were able to use the tab key to select and enter information into a reference field. After the upgrade, users are no longer able to use the tab key to select and enter information into a field. 


Jakarta and later releases


A user preference called glide.ui.accessibility is responsible for this behavior.


The user preference -glide.ui.accessibility- is set to true by default from Jakarta releases. Users need to turn off the property by setting it to False to get the old functionality back. Note that, since this is a user preference, there would be multiple records with this name -"glide.ui.accessibility". You have to change the one with "System" is checked to True and "User" is "empty". 

If individual users wants to turn it on and off, you can click the settings button in the top right of your instance and in the general tab, you will see "Accessibility Enabled" option to turn it on and off. You can mention that to the users if they want to turn it on/off. 

In Jakarta, we added additional features for Accessibility, which is why we're seeing this issue after upgrade. So after Jakarta upgrade, this property is set to true. If you keep Accessibility Mode on by default, you will be using the most 508 compliant version of ServiceNow by default for all users. Individuals that don't want the behavior introduced by Accessibility Mode can have their specific preference set to off. This was an intentional change in the platform.

Additional Information

There were several new accessibility features added in Jakarta. You can read more about them here: 

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