After an instance upgrade with an invalid language in glide.sys.language some table labels get corrupted. After the upgrade, the system localization is incorrect, and different labels are found duplicate and present a plural entry of "s":



Steps to Reproduce



This can be reproduced in a number of ways, here are some examples:

  • Go to the list view of any table, such as Incident. The table name will just show 's' instead of incident.
  • Open the form view of any task. Click on Configure....All.
  • Instead of seeing Business Rules (5), Client Script (2), Dictionary Entries (10) listed you will see s (5),s (2),s (10).



This is expected behaviour. The system property glide.sys.language needs to be set to one of the listed country language codes. After updating this property, a system cache should be performed via

Please note the code 'uk' is for Ukraine, not United Kingdom, which is instead 'en':

Related Problem: PRB944187

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Istanbul Patch 4

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