Build information: Jakarta Patch7 and Kingston Patch2

In addition, customer requested instruction/DOC on how to use GlideSPScriptable.canSeePage("services_status") condition

Steps to Reproduce

1. Confirm the condition for menu item "System Status":



2. Activate User Criteria plugin for Service Portal.
3. Navigate to User Criteria and add Abel Tuter to "All ACME North America employees" list.
4. Navigate to Page -> System Status (id: services_status).
5. Add "All ACME North America employees" under "Cannot View".
6. Impersonate "Able Tuter" and navigate to Service Portal
7. Click "System Status" page on Service Portal:

Notice that the "System Status" page is still viewable by "Abel Tuter" even though "Abel Tuter" is on cannot view list of "All ACME North America employees"

It seems that user criteria does not apply to the menu itmes on Service Portal.

I could not find any DOC On GlideSPScriptable.canSeePage and the customer does not want to use role in condition, such as GlideSPScriptable.canSeePage("gs.hasRole('itil');")


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