OOB, an email response is shown as a Comment in a record's Activity Stream. However, there may be certain implementations where emails need to be recorded as Worknotes (ex: email contains sensitive info)


For this example, I will use the OOB "Update Change" email action for the change_request table. Do this same process for whichever table you're using:

1. Go to System Policy > Email > inbound Actions

2. Search the table for Target Table = change_request

3. Find the action labeled "Update Change" and open it

4. In the Actions section, change this line of the script: 


5. Save.



- If you cannot find an Inbound Email Action for your table, it is probably using the one from the table it's extending from.

- The process outlined above will show ALL emails in the worknotes. If this is not the desired outcome, you may need to define the logic required to identify where an email should go. Refer to the documentation below for more information.

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Inbound Email Actions documentation: https://docs.servicenow.com/bundle/kingston-servicenow-platform/page/administer/notification/concept/c_InboundEmailActions.html

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