Updates to HR Service [sn_hr_core_service] table are captured as Global updates in Human Resources: Core application scope. Promoting an update set carrying a few such changes, the Preview will generate errors such as:

"Cannot commit Update Set 'INT3380729' because: Update scope id 'global' is different than update set scope id 'd4ac3fff5b311200a4656ede91f91af2'. Resolve the problem before committing."

Steps to Reproduce

1. Create a new local update set under Human Resources: Core Application.
2. Capture a few updates and/or inserts on the HR Service' [sn_hr_core_service] table.
3. Promote the update set to the next instance.
4. Preview and observe the Preview Problems.


Skip affected HR Service [sn_hr_core_service] updates. This allows you to commit the update set but without these changes. The changes on HR Service records should be captured on a global scope update set in order to be promoted using update sets. 

Related Problem: PRB1105810

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