In some cases, a user may want to populate a table in cmdb with temp data in a pattern.

For example, say we have data in cmdb_ci_vm_instance (temp table) in pattern's execution context, a user want to move this data to main VM Instance(cmdb_ci_vm_instance) table.

Note: This is only possible when running Horizontal Discovery and not Top Down.


Taking oracle pattern as an example.

- Create new ci cmdb_ci_***
- Define identifiers for that CI, and mark this CI as dependent.
- Define containment rule that defines the relation between the new CI and oracle.
- In the oracle pattern add your new CI as related CI, create steps to fill members of that CI and to create the relevant relation between the new CI and oracle.

A good reference example can be tomcat pattern and the wars discovered with it.

Expected Behavior: When the pattern is triggered during HD, the custom table is populated.

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