Guided tour fails on tabbed forms with the error 'Not found in current view'


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On tabbed forms, we need to use a step in between prompting the end user to click on the section (TAB)


Create a new guided step before the step on the element in the tabbed section, pointing end user to click on the section. For this create a Guided Tour Step target reference and use it in the Guided tour step.

To create target reference:

Access : (Replace 'instance' with your instance name) 

Type = Form
Table = Table name
Form Element = Form Section tab only
Form Section = SYS ID of the section

To get the sys id of the section:  go to sys_ui_section > Filter by table > Open the required section > Copy the sys_id from the context menu.

To add the target reference to the guided tour step : go to Guided Tour > Click on the Guided Tour > In the guided tour steps related list > New > On tour step section > Target reference,


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