UI scripts in JS includes are not refreshed with the page. UI scripts loaded in Service Portal are  cached; therefore, users are running outdated code until the browser cache is cleared or a hard refresh is performed. This issue is not just limited to loading JS includes via a theme but also when loading from a widget dependency.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a new UI Script with one line, for example, alert("Refresh 1");.
  2. Create a new JS Includes for the UI Script.
  3. Add the JS Include to the Stock Service Portal theme used by the default /sp portal.
  4. Load a page, for example, /sp?id=calc.
  5. Modify the UI script to alert("Refresh 2") and save it.
  6. Refresh the portal page.

    Note that the alert still displays Refresh 1 and not Refresh 2 even after making the UI script change.


Go to / to clear the browser's cache.

Related Problem: PRB1190755

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